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14 Things You Can Plant, Whether You Have a Tiny Patio or a Huge Garden

14 Things You Can Plant in June, Whether You Have a Tiny Patio or a Huge Garden

Planting offers a great opportunity to grow a variety of plants, whether you have limited space on a tiny patio or a large garden.

Home gardening is a fulfilling and rewarding activity that involves cultivating plants and flowers in and around one’s residence. It is a practice that has been embraced by individuals and families for centuries, providing numerous benefits both for the environment and the gardener themselves. Whether you have a spacious backyard or just a small balcony, home gardening can be adapted to fit any living situation, making it accessible to people living in various settings.

The purpose of home gardening extends beyond the mere beautification of living spaces. It offers a host of advantages that contribute to a healthier lifestyle and a more sustainable environment. Here are some key aspects of home gardening:

Here are 14 things you can consider planting in June:

Planting in June offers plenty of options for both small patios and large gardens. Here are 14 things you can plant in June, each suitable for different spaces:

  1. Tomatoes: Whether you have a garden bed or just a large pot, tomatoes thrive in warm temperatures and sunlight. Choose dwarf or patio varieties for smaller spaces.
  2. Herbs: Basil, parsley, cilantro, thyme, and mint are great options for container gardening on a patio. They add flavor to your dishes and are easy to maintain.
  3. Lettuce and Salad Greens: For smaller spaces, consider loose-leaf lettuce or mesclun mixes. They grow quickly and are perfect for fresh salads.
  4. Zucchini and Squash: These vining vegetables can be grown in larger containers or allowed to spread in garden beds.
  5. Peppers: Bell peppers and chili peppers grow well in containers and love the warm weather of June.
  6. Cucumbers: Bush varieties of cucumbers are suitable for container gardening, and they produce delicious, crisp fruits.
  7. Sunflowers: If you have a bit of space in your garden, sunflowers add a splash of color and can grow quite tall.
  8. Marigolds: These beautiful flowers are not only decorative but also help repel pests in your garden.
  9. Strawberries: If you have a hanging basket or a vertical planter, strawberries are a great choice for small spaces.
  10. Green Beans: Dwarf varieties of green beans can thrive in containers on patios or balconies.
  11. Carrots: Choose shorter, round varieties of carrots that are better suited for container gardening.
  12. Radishes: These fast-growing vegetables are perfect for quick harvests and small spaces.
  13. Lavender: Perfect for larger gardens or as a standalone plant on a patio, lavender adds a lovely fragrance and attracts pollinators.
  14. Potted Trees: If you have a sunny spot, consider planting dwarf fruit trees or citrus trees in containers.

Remember that proper care, watering, and adequate sunlight are crucial for the success of your plants, regardless of the space you have available.

Garden Plants Online Reviews

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Why Choose Garden Plants Online Reviews

We think that garden plants online reviews are the best way to keep your plants healthy and thriving. We offer weekly custom care instructions on your phone, and ship your plants directly from the nursery. We uphold the quality you deserve, and our professional growers will build the roots and put in the work that sets your garden up for success.

The Benefits of Buying Garden Plants Online

When it comes to gardening, there are many choices to be made. Which plants should go in your garden, where should they go, and how should they be cared for?

One option is to buy garden plants online. There are many benefits to buying plants this way. First, you can choose plants that are specific to your climate and garden. Second, you can receive weekly care instructions on your phone. And finally, you can trust the quality of the plants you purchase.

If you are looking for a way to increase the quality of your garden, buying plants online is a great option. Not only will you receive high-quality plants, but you will also receive weekly care instructions. This means that you will never have to worry about your plants again.

How to Select the Best Garden Plants Online?

When selecting the right garden plants online, it is important to understand the different needs of each type of plant. Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect plants for your garden!

1. Understand the type of plant you are buying. Do you want a flowering plant that will produce flowers all season long, or do you want a perennial that will keep growing back year after year?

2. Check the plant’s care instructions. Many of the plants we carry come with digital care instructions that will tell you how to water, fertilize, and prune the plant to keep it healthy and thriving.

3. Consider the location of your garden. Do you want a sun-loving plant that will need plenty of sunlight, or do you want a shady plant that will need less sun?

4. Consider the size of your garden. Do you have a small garden, or a large garden?

5. Consider the budget. Some of the plants we carry are a bit more expensive than others, but they are worth it in terms of quality and care.

6. And finally, consider your personality.

Tips for Properly Caring for Garden Plants

When it comes to caring for your garden plants, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

1. Properly water your plants – make sure to give them enough water to soak up, but not so much that the soil becomes soggy. Over watering can lead to root rot.

2. Fertilize your plants – give them a dose of fertilizer every few weeks to help them grow and get healthy.

3. Prune your plants – pruning will help them to grow in a healthy way and look their best.

4. Protect your plants from pests and diseases – keep an eye out for aphids, slugs, and other pests and take appropriate steps to get rid of them.

By following these tips, you will be keeping your plants healthy and growing in a way that looks great.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Garden Plants Online

When you’re looking to buy garden plants online, there are a few things to keep in mind to avoid making common mistakes.

1. Make sure you’re picking plants that will grow well in your climate and soil.

2. Make sure you’re picking plants that will have the right care instructions.

3. Make sure you’re checking the plant’s health and condition before you buy it.

4. Make sure you’re shipping your plants to the right address.

5. Make sure you’re getting weekly custom care instructions on your phone.

Garden Plants Online Reviews: What Other Customers are Saying

6 Garden Plants Online Reviews:

What other customers are saying about our Smart Plant & Tree Care service.

Our Smart Plant & Tree Care service is a great way to load your own plants into a digital garden and receive weekly custom care instructions on your phone. We ship directly from the nursery to your doorstep to uphold the quality you deserve.

Our professional growers build the roots & put in the work that sets your garden up for success.

Garden Plants Online vs. Local Nurseries: Pros and Cons

There are a few major differences between Garden Plants Online and local nurseries.

1. Garden Plants Online ships plants directly from the nursery to your doorstep, upholding the quality you deserve.

2. You can choose from a wide variety of plants, and our professional growers will build the roots for you.

3. Garden Plants Online offers weekly custom care instructions on your phone, so you always have the latest tips and tricks.

While there are a few advantages to using Garden Plants Online, there are also a few disadvantages.

1. Garden Plants Online can be more expensive than local nurseries.

2. You will need to be patient while your plants grow, as they may take up to two months to ship.

3. Garden Plants Online only ships to the US at the moment.

Overall, Garden Plants Online is a great option for those looking for high-quality plants that they can ship directly to their doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions about Buying Garden Plants Online

If you’re in the market for new garden plants, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

First, you’ll want to make sure you find a retailer that will ship direct to your doorstep. This ensures that you’re getting the highest quality plants possible.

Next, be sure to ask about the care instructions that will be sent to your phone weekly. This way, you’ll always have the latest advice on how to keep your plants healthy and thriving.

And finally, be sure to add plants to your cart based on the size of your garden and the type of plants you’d like to have. Not all plants will grow well in a small space, and vice versa.


Online reviews are an important part of marketing for garden plants. By reading online reviews, customers can make informed decisions about whether to buy a particular plant or not.

It is important to note that garden plants are unique products and should not be judged solely on online reviews. Customers should also read the product description and the customer reviews to get a fuller picture of the product.


What are some tips for writing a great garden plant online review?

1. Make sure to take pictures of your plants while they’re growing so you can include them in your review.

2. Make sure to describe the condition of your plants when you received them, and how they’ve been performing since then.

3. Be sure to answer any questions that are asked in the review questionnaire.

What should I avoid in a garden plant online review?

Some things you may want to avoid in your garden plant online review are giving away too much personal information (such as your address), posting photos that are copyrighted or taken without permission, or making claims that you can’t back up.

By following these simple guidelines, you can help ensure that your reviews are positive and help your readers make informed decisions.

How do I write a good garden plant online review?

Start by taking some time to get to know the plant you are reviewing. Note the specific details about the plant you are reviewing (height, leaves, flowers, etc.), so that you can provide a detailed review. Be sure to include photos that show the plant in its best light.

Next, research the plant you are reviewing and find out how to care for it. Write your review based on your own experience with the plant and the information you gathered. Finally, submit your review to for publication.

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